Andre 3000 – All Together Now (The Beatles Cover)

Almost as if the man himself read my plea for more 3 Stacks material and decided he didn’t want to be featured here on someone else’s song, he wanted all the damn glory for himself.

If any other rapper decided they were going to do a Beatles cover you’d question their sanity and make sure they were kept well away from a microphone for a while. But when it’s Andre 3000 the normal rules don’t apply. The man is a genius. He adds a little spice to the original to give it that Outkast feel.

BONUS: Here’s a video of a beautiful “Hey Ya!” cover by Obadiah Parker. Most covers are simply someone else trying to mimic the original. Not this one. He completely changes the tone of the song, turning it from some super funky shit into something completely different. You need to listen to this. The fact he looks exactly like that crazy guy from The Hangover just makes this even more impressive.

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