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Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings

Only time for a short post today, we’re having a family bbq. What’s better than good times with family and friends? Nothing. Passion Pit’s best songs are like little bursts of joy. Seems fitting.

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Foster The People – “Pumped Up Kicks”

Ever hear a song and immediately have to know what it is? That happened to me when this played during the latest episode of Entourage (I have no idea why I’m still watching it, nothing happens anymore). It makes me … Continue reading

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Wale – “The Eyes of the Tiger” & “Ambitious Girl”

After seeing the title I was expecting to hear Wale spit over that song from one of the Rocky films that plays in my head whenever I need to overcome any obstacle in life. The Rocky films taught me that … Continue reading

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Kanye West performs new material at Facebook HQ

Well, this is pretty random. Facebook HQ isn’t the obvious place to preview your latest music but when has Kanye ever followed the crowd? You could never criticise him of a lack of passion, sometimes that leads to him doing … Continue reading

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Art of the Music Video: Nyle – “Let The Beat Build”

One thing I’ll always love in a film is a good long take. Goodfellas, Children of Men and Boogie Nights are just a few films with epic long takes that show you events unfolding from the character’s perspective. They aren’t always … Continue reading

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Lauryn Hill – “Repercussions”

Yes yes yes. Earlier this year Lauryn Hill emerged from her self-imposed exile from the industry and started to perform again. This is the first new Lauryn Hill song to come out in years. It’s everything you expect from her. … Continue reading

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Jay Electronica – “Dear Moleskine” (snippet)

Listening to this earlier for the gazillionth time, I realised this preview came out exactly a year ago. I could happily listen to the first 45 seconds of this all day. The rest of the song isn’t too bad either. … Continue reading

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