J Dilla – “Gobstopper”

I tend to get carried away when I see or hear something that amazes me and hype it up way too much. In my eyes, it’s impossible to overhype this song. Without a doubt, it’s my favourite beat of all time. It’s deceptively basic, seemingly just horns playing on a loop on first listen. Just wait until you start humming it to yourself.

It’s my ringtone, which isn’t the best choice, sometimes I don’t pick up calls for a while because I don’t want to cut this song off. People always give me weird looks when that happens in public.

Jay Electronica describes this song best.

“It’s magical, it’s like a magical ride through the universe, then to Earth, then to a neighbourhood, then to a city, then to a card game, a dice game, a parliament meeting, a presidential election. It’s like a journey all the way through.

Don’t think about hip-hop, don’t think about rock, don’t think about nothing. Empty out your mind and listen to this record that a man made on his deathbed and really see where he’s taking you on his journey.”

Dilla made beats so good that rappers spitting over them just got in the way. “Gobstopper” is from his final album, Donuts, which was literally created on his death bed. He had all his equipment with him in the hospital and created a masterpiece before he sadly passed away at the age of just 32.

Pitchfork have a great article about the legacy of James Dewitt Yancey, better known as J Dilla. Read it HERE.

Jay Elec himself is one of the few rappers who do justice to Dilla’s beats. Here’s “Abracadabra”, where he rhymes over “Gobstopper”.

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