Video: Eminem – “Love the Way You Lie” ft Rihanna

You’ve heard this song before. You turned on the radio and heard it. You heard some punk playing it at the back of the bus. Your Mum even said she liked it (yeah I went there).

It’s the Recovery version of an Eminem chart hit. In years gone by this would have been full of childish jokes about C-list celebrities with an equally lame video. Remember songs like “Just Lose It” and “We Made You”? *shudder*

Now Marshall’s all grown up and talking about emotions and shit even in his crossover songs. This isn’t Eminem at his ferocious best but it doesn’t need to be over this brooding beat. Rihanna’s sounds good on the hook but I still don’t think she can sing. Work that one out.

Warning: This video contains both Rihanna and Megan Fox. Your screen might melt.

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