Mashup Madness: E-603

One of my favourite things about mashups is their unpredictability. Listen to enough of any genre and you get to a point where you can tell when a beat is going to drop or where the vocals start even if you’ve never heard the song before. Mashups are anarchy. Anything goes.

Few mashup artists get that better than E-603. Instead of blending two songs like most people, he goes nuts. In one of his songs he throws together Destiny’s Child, The Postal Service, Biggie, Bruce Springsteen, Trina, The Knife, Three 6 Mafia and U2. One song! Some people think remixes and mashups are lame and there’s no need to touch great songs. Ignore those people. Mashups are dope.

Below is the song I described above, “Bittersweet Heartbeats” and two more, “Money and Girls” and “Dirtbag Baby”. If you like them then head over to E-603’s site where you can download his albums for FREE. No catches. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Click HERE for the free music.

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