Video: Jay Electronica Interview with DJ Semtex

September 19th. Mark your calenders, make a note, set a reminder*. That’s the first date for the long-awaited Act II that we’ve heard for a long time – it was originally supposed to drop on January 1st. It seems that it’s gone from a mixtape to Jay’s first album along the way, which would explain the delay. He’s come over to the UK to get away from everything and just focus on getting it completed.

While Kanye has got the Internets going nuts, Jay Electronica has been residing in London for the past few weeks, working relentlesly in the studio, putting the concluding touches to the highly anticipated debut album, Act II. Jay invited me down to the studio to hear some of the cuts of the album, and although I can’t talk on the specifics, from what I heard, I can say that it is everything you expect times 10. It is a masterpiece, diverse Hip Hop excellence. The guest features that he has pulled out of the bag for the collaborations are pretty much beyond your current comprehension, and the journey making this album is as inspiring as the music itself. He’s done it, followed the code, cracked the safe, got the formula. The wait is almost over. – DJ Semtex

*I’m trying not to get excited about it. I’ve been burned too many times before. Kinda pointless though, whenever I hear a Jay Elec song it gets me thinking about how amazing Act II will be.

BONUS: Here’s “Act I (The Pledge)”, the song that introduced Jay Electronica to the world. He uses the score of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – watch that film now if you’ve not seen it – as the basis of a sprawling epic that typifies his unique brand of hip hop.

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