Justin Bieber – “Runaway Love” Remix ft Kanye West & Raekwon

When I started this blog I didn’t expect to be posting songs by Justin Bieber, then this came along and made it impossible not to. Kanye and Bieber were saying how amazing each other was on Twitter a few weeks ago, then Ye suggested a song with both of them and Raekwon. Even though I knew it was gonna happen, I still wasn’t prepared for it.

I can almost understand Kanye West and Justin Bieber on a song, I mean Ye’s been on loads of R&B songs. It’s Raekwon’s presence that makes this so baffling. He’s a member of the Wu-tang Clan, the rawest hip-hip group of all time. Surely there’s some Wu-Tang code that bans collaborating with a kid singer who’s yet to hit puberty? Oh yeah, I never thought I’d hear Justin Bieber over Wu’s classic, “Wu-tang Ain’t Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit”. I was wrong.

Hip-hop purists were gonna hate this no matter how good it turned out. I really like it, especially Rae’s verses, but I could do with someone editing Justin’s parts out now. The novelty of hearing her girly voice on a track with these guys starts to wear off after a few listens.

Thanks to The Sermon’s Domain for this one.

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