Jay-Z – Renegade ft Eminem

You’ve probably heard this song before but it’s an undisputed classic and they’re performing together in Detroit tonight so I thought I’d bring it back. I’m definitely not jealous of anyone who’ll be there. I’m gonna spend the day completing Red Dead Redemption in my room. Go me.

This is hip-hop’s Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Autobots vs Decepticons. Two greats going against each other with everything they’ve got. Most people say Eminem emerges victorious in this clash of the titans – Nas memorably told Jay, “Eminem murdered you on your own shit”- coining a new term as a result.

From the ever-reliable Urban Dictionary:
Renegade – When you make the only guest appearance on a rap album and kill the album artist on his own shit.

I do think Eminem has the upper hand here, but Jay’s verses are so underrated. Listen to his first verse, it’s just as relevant today, if not more so, after his incredible mainstream success in recent years – “I penetrate pop culture, bring ’em a lot closer to the block”. Whenever I hear this I just want these two to carry on trading verses forever. Hip-hop doesn’t get much better.

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