Round Up

I’ve been on holiday so I’ve missed everything that’s come out in the last few days. Here’s some of it in one megapost. New stuff from Big Sean, Asher Roth, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, J. Cole and more below.

Big Sean – Finally Famous vol. 3 (Mixtape)

Big Sean’s latest mixtape is full of more bangers from the Detroit rapper. Guest appearances from Chiddy, Drake, Mike Posner, Asher Roth and more. Download it HERE, courtesy of XXL. Here’s my favourite song from it, “Made”. Sean sits back and let Drake show what he’s got, then he demonstrate how it should be done. He’s the Yoda of this flow to Drake’s young Luke.

Asher Roth – “G.R.I.N.D.” (Video)

I posted this song before but it’s got the video treatment now. Remember “I Love College”? Most guys who introduce themselves to the world with a party song like that seem to disappear – anyone seen J-Kwon recently? Asher’s here to stay. This will be on his second album, The Spaghetti Tree. No idea what the hell that title means.

Kid Cudi – “Did You Get It?”

New Cudi. He’s so dope.

Kanye West – “Devil in a New Dress”

Here’s the latest G.O.O.D Friday release from Kanye’s own blog. He said this on Twitter: “There’s only 18 days of summer left. I had to drop DEVIL IN A NEW DRESS while it was still hot out so people could role down there windows”. Love No I.D.’s production on this.

J. Cole – Villematic

J. Cole also loved the beat of Yeezy’s new leak. He jumped on it and did exactly what he normally does – kill it. Straight from his blog.

Magnetic Man – “Getting Nowhere” ft John Legend

John Legend linked up with dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man (Skream, Benga and Artwork). I’m not normally into dubstep but these collaborations with R&B singers that seem to be flying around lately make it work for me. Thanks to P&P.

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