Big Boi “Lookin’ For Ya” (Jedi Remix) ft Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown

This is amazing. It’s like an old-school Outkast track, Big Boi and 3000 both breathing fire on the same song. It hasn’t happened anywhere near enough in the last five years and has been missed so much.

Dungeon Family comrade Sleepy Brown’s silky voice provides the hook and Boi-1da’s beat will get you nodding your head. An earlier version leaked a few months ago, this has two extra verses and is higher quality. Click play and let greatness hit your ears.

Maybe we’ll be seeing some new Three Stacks material sooner rather than later, Big Boi told the crowd at one of his recent shows that Dre is back in the studio. Fuck yeah.

BONUS: Sleepy Brown’s contribution to the Barbershop 2 soundtrack featured the ATLiens. It’s simple, almost understated. It’s the type of song that knows it doesn’t need to show off to get your attention. A laidback beat, Outkast bringing the rhymes, Sleepy Brown pulling it all together – what more do you need? It’s also got one of my favorite 3K verses. Good shit.

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