Chiddy Bang – “The F*ck You Remix”

Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You” was an instant classic, when people look back at music in 2010 it’ll be one of the songs that everyone remembers. It’s just so unique, daring and brilliant with a timeless sound. I’ve heard a few remixes so far but they’ve all felt unnecessary, just bookending the original with boring rap verses or attempting to make it a dance song.

I’ve always got time for a Chiddy Bang remix. They normally flip the samples so that they’re still recognisable but used in a completely different context. They don’t try to compete with the original songs but happily co-exist with each other. They’ve gone and done it again. It doesn’t match the brilliance of the original but stands on his own merits as another success by the duo from Philly.

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