Video: Free Radiohead Live in Prague DVD

Until a few years ago all I listened to was hip-hop. What a fool. It wasn’t even good hip-hop, I got bored of hearing about hoes and cars blah blah blah. Bands like Radiohead opened up a whole new world for me. They had layers and real instruments and emotions. It was real music. Not that hip-hop isn’t ‘real music’ but everything coming out was pretty shit at that time. Up above is a performance of “Reckoner”, one of my all time favourite songs. It carries you away as it soars and glides and dips, Thom Yorke’s tender voice the Pied Piper guiding you through the eerie, enchanting landscape.

A group of Radiohead fans at their Prague gig on 23rd August 2009 recorded the show from as many different angles as they could. Then it was all edited together into one film, with high quality audio provided by Radiohead themselves. It turned out spectacularly. You can stream the whole thing HERE or download it in a variety of formats HERE. Man, I’d love to see these guys live. Cheers PMA.

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