Outkast – “Speakerboxxx Intro”

I remember one time when I’d been in lectures all day but had forgotten my wallet at home so couldn’t get any food. It wasn’t a big deal because there was an immense pizza waiting for me in the freezer. One of those giant, four cheese, meaty, stuffed crust bad boys. Thinking about it now is making me hungry.

So I finally got home and chucked it in the oven, checked on it about 15 mins later and it was done. It looked perfect, the cheese was a wonderful golden shade and the crust was crispy without being overdone. I went to take it out but couldn’t see the oven gloves, but it was only pizza so used my bare hands. Stupid, stupid move – that shit was hot. So hot that I ended up dropping it on the floor. Tomato sauce all over the floor, the cheese had come off the base, what a waste.

This song is like that pizza. Just listen to the beat thump. God damn. You wait for Big Boi or Dre to tear it up, then wait some more…then it just fizzles out. What a waste.

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