Robotic Pirate Monkey – “Disturbing Pleasant Streets” (Free Album)

Calling yourselves Robotic Pirate Monkey is gonna make people pay attention at first. These guys have the tunes to hold your interest. Their sound is a mix of dubstep, synths, samples and awesome. They’ve released their first album, Disturbing Pleasant Streets, for free online. It’s electronic ecstasy.

It opens with four original songs, followed by six sick remixes. My favourite song is an uplifting jam called “All in You”, which is posted below. It’s also absolutely filthy. This album has beats that make you feel like you need to jump into the shower straight after. So fucking grimy.

The remixes include a Dolly Parton song transforming into a 2010 banger and mashing up Lupe Fiasco and The xx. Super highly recommended. I’d post some more songs from it but you really need to download the whole thing for yourself.

Download Disturbing Pleasant Streets completely free of charge HERE

Big thank you to This Song is Sick for the hook up.

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