Kanye West – Video: “Runaway” / “Don’t Look Down” ft Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco & Big Sean

If you only watch one music video short film this year, make it this one. MTV even took a break from reality TV for once to show this so you know it’s gotta be special.

The visuals are almost poetic. There’s a shot of Kanye walking away from an explosion and you know people walking away from explosions is always badass. About half way through there’s an extended ballet sequence that’s compelling. Yes, that’s correct, an interesting ballet sequence.

You can take this at face value and be entertained. Think about the symbolism and layers and Runaway becomes something more than a music video. There’s racial and religious overtones, it touches on the struggle between artistic vision and commercial viability and society’s difficulty in accepting anything that breaks the norm. There’s so many ways to read it.

I haven’t mentioned the main reason why you should watch it yet. This is the closest you’ll get to hearing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy before it comes out. It’s shaping up to be phenomenal. I think there’s 8 songs featured here and all of them are sounding great – like College Dropout meets 808s & Heartbreak. I can’t wait for November 22nd.

Keep reading for this week’s GOOD Friday song. Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco and Big Sean show up this week. Take a guess who has the standout verse. 

Hands up who expected Big Sean to have the best verse? Anyone? Sean kills it. I thought Kanye was over his autotune phase. It almost ruins this song for me.

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