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Kick in the Door

If you want someone to listen to your album all the way through then grab their ears at the start and force them to pay attention. Here’s some openers that boot down the door, shove a shotgun in your face … Continue reading

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Skratch Bastid – “Skewed Empathy” (Outkast x Crystal Castles)

Crystal Castles’ disorientating “Empathy” with Outkast’s “Skew It On The Bar-B”? Yes please. Mashup Madness.

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Outkast – “Speakerboxxx Intro”

I remember one time when I’d been in lectures all day but had forgotten my wallet at home so couldn’t get any food. It wasn’t a big deal because there was an immense pizza waiting for me in the freezer. … Continue reading

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Andre Benjamin Is… (Mixtape)

…the greatest. When I say my favourite rapper is Andre 3000 I normally get blank stares. A lot of people have a mental image of him as the guy who made “Hey Ya!” which is hard for them to overcome. … Continue reading

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Big Boi “Lookin’ For Ya” (Jedi Remix) ft Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown

This is amazing. It’s like an old-school Outkast track, Big Boi and 3000 both breathing fire on the same song. It hasn’t happened anywhere near enough in the last five years and has been missed so much. Dungeon Family comrade … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time

We all love a good story. They transcend age, race, sex, class or whatever else you want to use to separate us. No matter who you are, a decent story will make you want to know what happens next. When … Continue reading

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The Maine – “Roses” (Outkast Cover)

If you’re gonna cover Outkast you better “come as correct as a porn star” – © Lupe Fiasco. Alt rockers The Maine do what all good covers should, keeping it familiar while adding their own spin to the song. I … Continue reading

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