Video: Kanye working on Good Ass Job

I’m a Kanye stan. The man’s a genius in my eyes. Sure, the Taylor Swift affair was a real douchebag move (although, to be fair, he did have a point), but he just keeps putting out G.O.O.D music.

Remember the first time you heard College Dropout? The soul samples, the beats, the hilarious skits (for once), the passion in his voice. If I made a list of my top ten albums, there’d have to be a place for it. Then Late Registration came out and proved that he was one of the most talented artists in music today. Graduation came along next and Mr West started experimenting while still making great hip hop music.

He was all set to release an all time classic with his fourth album, it seemed he had perfected his craft and was at the top of his game. Instead he pulled a 180 and put out 808s & Heartbreak, an electro-pop album, which gained him some new fans but was hated by a lot of those who’d been supporting him since the beginning. I was one of those haters, until about 6 months ago. It came up on my iTunes and something clicked. I’d been a fool. That shit banged.

After 808s and Taylorgate he stepped out of the spotlight for a while. Probably a good idea when even the President is calling you a jackass. Since surfacing again it seems like he’s has been on a mission to prove the haters wrong.

Kanye in Hulk mode = incredible music.

The hunger’s back and we’re the winners. Power, the first single, was a middle finger to the critics. He sounds fired up, defiant and triumphant and with that hypnotic beat the end result is insane.

Good Ass Job will be a return to hip-hop for Kanye West and he’s brought legends Q-Tip, Pete Rock, DJ Premier and the RZA to assist with the production. I can’t wait.

Welcome back Mr West. You’ve been missed.

P.S. Amber Rose is ridiculous. Even with the bald head.

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