B.o.B. – “No Mercy” (Mixtape)

2010’s been a hell of a year for Bobby Ray. It started with another quality mixtape, then there was a chart topping album, global hits (“Nothin On You”, “Airplanes”) and five Grammy nominations. Here’s even more sick material from one of the most exciting talents in music.

Download it HERE.

EDIT: The video for “The Watchers”, from No Mercy, was also released yesterday. Thanks to Triller Than Most.

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2 Responses to B.o.B. – “No Mercy” (Mixtape)

  1. kylef says:

    hey I was wondering if you would add my hip hop blog to your blogroll! send me a message at the included email to let me know so we can put your link up too!

  2. stickmandan says:

    I’ve been meaning to get around to a blog roll, buried under a mountain of essays right now but will do it really soon. Thanks for the interest, just checked out Triller Than Most – very impressive. I’ll add it and send you an email when it’s up.

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